Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!

Collect, protect, and drop off your used batteries every 3 months.

Our Impact in Canada

Batteries collected in 2023

5,800,000 kg

Batteries collected since 1997

46,000,000 kg

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What batteries can be recycled?

Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! manages the collection and recycling of single-use and rechargeable dry-cell household batteries (weighing up to 5 kg each).

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Damaged, defective, and recalled batteries (DDR)

What to do with damaged or defective batteries.

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Recycling News

Celebrating Earth Month

Celebrating Earth Month

Every April, we celebrate Earth Month. It’s a time to cherish the plentiful gifts that the planet offers. Earth Month is also an opportunity for us all to contemplate how we can do a better job of protecting the environment. Choosing to recycle ...
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Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! on Global News

The Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! program is powered by Call2Recycle Canada. On February 16, 2024, Call2Recycle executive Jon McQuaid appeared on Global News to discuss the importance of recycling your batteries. Watch this segment to learn more about innovative technology that is ...